Education on the Benefits & Implications of Personal Genetics

What can an analysis of your DNA reveal about you, your family history, and your health? What might easy access to information about your genes mean for you and for society as a whole?   The ability to learn about our genes and how they work has undergone an enormous leap forward in the last 10 years. pgEd aims to get people talking about the potential benefits and implications of the fast-approaching world of personal genetics. Let's begin the conversation.

Highlights from pgEd

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    2014 Summer Institute

    pgEd is hosting our annual Summer Institute for teachers on July 29-31, 2014, at Harvard Medical School.  Learn how to integrate materials about the scientific, ethical and social aspects of personal genetics into your classroom. We are offering two tracks - a science focus and a history/language arts focus.  Join us! 
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    Genetics and space

    Not only has our Map-Ed game gone interplanetary, thanks to NASA team leader Adam Steltzner, but we find the intersection of genetics and space is an exciting topic for engaging students and adults alike. In a rousing session at our last GETed meeting, we debated how one might select astronauts to endure the extreme conditions to travel to and colonize Mars.
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    Congressional briefing

    pgEd held a Congressional briefing on May 13th focused on strategies for accelerating public awareness of personal genetics. Many thanks to our expert panelists, George Church, Mike Dougherty, Enrique Legaspi, Ann Merchant, Carlos Olguin, Patricia Phelps, Heidi Rehm, Jeff Schloss, and Amy Wilstermann, and to our DC affiliate, Tsion Tesfaye, for making this event a great success.
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    Join the conversation

    Check out our new video series, "Personal conversations/personal genetics." Tune in to meet our friends and colleagues who shared their insights, experiences, and visions for the future. Then, join the conversation. Special thanks to all who shared their stories and to Marilyn Ness and Big Mouth Productions for bringing this project to life!
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