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The ability to learn about our genes and how they work has undergone an enormous leap forward in the last 10 years. As genetic technologies become more widespread, how can our society ensure that education about and access to this information is available to all people? pgEd aims to get people talking about the potential benefits as well as the ethical and societal implications of the fast-approaching world of personal genetics. Let's begin the conversation.

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pgEd is very excited for our Summer Institute workshop "Genetics and Social Justice," tomorrow July 19th - Thursday July 21st, here in Boston. We will welcome our biggest group of educators to date, and are looking forward to engaging discussion, sharing resources, and great activities! ... See MoreSee Less

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pgEd is at the Festival of Genomics at BCEC. Come find us at booth 278! ... See MoreSee Less

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pgEd is at the Festival of Genomics at BCEC. Come find us at booth 278!

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  1. ASHG annual meeting
    October 18 - October 22
    Vancouver British Columbia
    1. ASHG HS workshop
      October 18, 8:15 am - 2:40 pm
      Vancouver British Columbia

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This week, the Recombinant DNA Research Advisory Committee, an advisory body to the US National Institutes of Health, gave its go-ahead to the first clinical trial of the gene editing tool CRISPR-Cas9 in humans. While the trial must still be approved by the Food and Drug Administration and other ethics review bodies, it represents another major milestone in the rapid progress of gene editing technologies towards clinical application. The proposed therapy uses CRISPR to edit immune cells taken from cancer … read more

  A number of developments in the past few weeks brought to the forefront various issues related to the ethical and social implications of novel genetic technologies, public engagement in science, and democratic deliberation about controversial research. On June 2nd, a group of scientists and entrepreneurs published a proposal to synthesize an entire human genome from scratch. This project, dubbed “Human Genome Project – Write (HGP-Write)” (in reference to the original HGP, completed in 2004, that obtained the sequence of the … read more

As the White House Office of Science & Technology Policy unveils plans for the National Microbiome Initiative, pgEd is pleased to announce that we will be developing a series of new educational resources on the microbes – microscopic organisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungi – that surround us. They are in the air, in soil, the oceans; they hide in extreme locations such as the Arctic and give Yellowstone’s geysers their famous colors. We have millions of microbial cells in and on our bodies, and scientists … read more