GETed 2013 publication: Accelerating public awareness in the age of personal genetics

Conference Scene: Accelerating public awareness in the age of personal genetics“, our latest article highlighting the work accomplished at the GETed 2013 meeting, has been published in the latest edition of Personalized Medicine.

Authors Marnie Gelbart and Chris Gunter showcase some of the exciting and challenging topics we tackled, review pgEd’s new projects such as Map-Ed and our collaboration with Hollywood, Health and Society, and describe plans for the future. We are thrilled to have been able to develop several new resources to engage the public in conversation as a result of the meeting, and hope to see these projects grow and flourish, thanks to a wonderful network of scholars, friends, teachers, scientists, writers, organizers and activists.

Stay tuned: This fall, we will be rolling out one of the projects developed at GETed – a video series called ” Join The Conversation.” Thank you to our partners at Big Mouth Productions and all the participants who have made this project come to life.

Here are a couple of pictures from the conference – news about future plans for GETed will be coming soon!