pgEd Summer Institute

pgEd is excited to announce our third Summer Institute, July 29-31, 2014. This three-day teacher training will be an introduction to personal genetics and its impact on society. A wave of personal genetic information is coming – how can we prepare students to make informed choices for themselves and for society as a whole?

This Summer Institute will have two tracks. One will delve more deeply into the scientific concepts and be most appropriate for science and health teachers, while the other will focus on historical events and social issues, and be more appropriate for social studies and English teachers. Several sessions will be in the larger group. We will also have a session with the amazing Allison Werner-Lin, who will discuss strategies for talking about highly sensitive issues with students who may have a personal connection to classroom topics.

Through workshop-style sessions, we will look the hopes, realities and controversies in personal genetics.  We will start with an overview: Why is genetics getting more personal? From the scientific questions and concepts, we will make connections to real world opportunities and conundrums your students and their families will face in the coming years.

We hope you can join us! For more information and to register, click here.