Pin yourself on our global map! Welcome to Map-Ed!

pgEd is so excited to launch our newest educational tool – Map-Ed!

Go to and work your way through five questions about genetics to pin yourself on a world map.  No expertise in genetics necessary!  Questions are multiple-choice, and you will be provided with fun facts along the way to point you toward the correct answer.  Then, get your friends to play this game and see your neighborhood pinned more densely.

We are planning to add more dimensions and topics as Map-Ed grows, so please check back often to see where in the world this project is taking us!

We are so appreciative to the students and teachers who have tested this for us, to last year’s GETed meeting participants for ideas and encouragement, and to our wonderful technical team. David Bozzi has taken this project to new heights, and we are very grateful for his expertise and creativity.  Thank you to Niall O’Connor, Mick Correll and Dustin Holloway, who at the time were all part of the Dana Farber’s Center for Cancer Computational Biology, for bringing the initial vision to life in our original functional prototype.  

And last but not least: Special thanks to pgEd’s own Marnie Gelbart and Ting Wu who have guided this project along all these many months!