Personal Genetics Education Project

Photo courtesy of Anthony Langford, www.anttree.orgpgEd is actively seeking financial support from institutions, foundations and individuals as we expand our efforts on the national and international stage. As the technology to sequence genomes races ahead, we are in a critical window to develop and deploy educational initiatives to examine and discuss the benefits and ethical implications of personal genetics.

pgEd is grateful for its support from Harvard Medical School and the Department of Genetics.

pgEd greatly appreciates the following organizations and individuals for their support of various activities through grants, corporate sponsorships, private donations, and in-kind services: Sigma-Aldrich, Autodesk, Genentech, IDT, National Association of Biology Teachers, Festival of Genomics, Cornerstones of Science, DB Design Boston, and a very generous anonymous donor.

To learn more about our work and how you can support the specific projects we are launching, please contact Dr. Marnie Gelbart or Dr. Ting Wu for more information.


Photo courtesy of Anthony Langford,