Teachers asked, we said yes! CGU – Current Genetics Updates

At the National Science Teacher Association meeting, a number of teachers expressed a difficulty they have in including the latest issues in personal genetics into their classrooms – time!  As we all well know, teachers are being asked to do more and more in terms of fitting things into the curriculum and preparing students for exams of all shapes and sizes.

We heard that teachers are seeking a resource to keep up with the most relevant news in genetics, with an eye to integrating it into their middle school, high school or college classroom.  So here we go!

Current Genetics Update – CGU for short.  Bonus points for everyone who appreciates CGU as a codon for the animo acid Alanine.

What is it? A weekly update, published on Mondays, that looks to the past week for an important development in the field of genetics.  This might be from the world of, or an intersection between, politics, law, ethics, research and clinical medicine.  Will we be sure to approach our topics with a keen awareness that teachers need to make every minute in class count and are often prepping for multiple classes on any give day!

This Monday? A short overview about the Supreme Court case looking at Myriad Genetics and patenting genes related to breast cancer risk.