Visiting Brunswick High School in Brunswick, Maine

pgEd always looks forward to teaching (using our newly updated and expanded lesson plans), and we are especially excited to have spent some time with some biology students at Brunswick High School in Brunswick, ME.

BHS2014Yes, we are participating in the “I Am Harvard Medicine” project – and I would not be surprised to see some of these students on campus in the coming years.  We talked about the latest news in personal genetics, highlighting some promising cases. We also covered some of the emerging issues in reproductive genetics and the unprecedented set of choices some young people may have as they consider starting families.  I was asked a number of questions, and promised a few articles for further reading for interested students.  Mrs. Dumont’s class – if I have forgotten to include something, leave a comment!

Nic Volker’s story in One in a Billion.

De-extinction and the woolly mammoth in The Mammoth Cometh.

The Path To Reading a Newborn’s DNA Map.

Scientist Svante Paabo talking about the connections between modern humans and neanderthals at a TED Talk.

Why do you have more of your mother’s DNA than your father’s? This video includes a  shout out to transplacental inheritance (why your biological mother still has some of your fetal DNA in her body!)